Bequeathing Bitcoin in 100 years? Someone has already done it!

from Token Party

A bizarre story to say the least emerges from the folds of Reddit, where an unknown user known as " Excellent-Dentistador " has revealed that he has conducted an interesting "crypto-experiment".

Storing Bitcoin for 100 years

The user tells that, in his city, at a library, there would be an event in which it was possible to write a letter or poem, which would then be stored for 100 years, that is, it would not be opened before 2122. Along with the letter it was necessary to attach some personal information, so that it would be possible in the future to give it to a next of kin. Optimal-Dentistador claims to have sent 0.003 Bitcoins in a wallet, equivalent to about 100 US dollars at the time of exchange, and to have placed private and public keys inside the letter. bitcoin for 100 years The experiment aims to test the longevity of the Bitcoin network, with the expectation that the network will still be functional and in use a century from now. If so, 0.003 bitcoins could represent a real fortune to bequeath.

Temporary-Welder 7588

In the same post, published on Reddit, a user with the nickname "Temporary-Welder 7588" commented on the affair making a very interesting comparison. In 2122, says the unknown user, 0.003 Bitcoin would correspond to 15 thousand times the reward miners would receive for completing a block. That's like someone finding a piece of paper today with 97,000 Bitcoins (almost $4 billion!), at least in terms of current "block rewards". Making a further comparison, in terms of time, if someone had done the same experiment 10 years ago, storing $100 in Bitcoin (about 10 BTC at the time) today they would find themselves with a beauty of $400,000. Who knows if Optimal-Dentistador will have the same luck! Some Considerations 100 years is such a long time that it is difficult to make predictions, so much so that the above assumptions remain unreliable, and should be considered as suggestive speculations, made a bit for fun a bit for provocation. Many operators in the financial markets say that "history often repeats itself" and make this saying a real guideline in their professional operations. However, the time frame they use is well below that of a century (lol). So from a purely speculative point of view it is not reliable to compare thecurrentROIof Bitcoin with the future one, at least in this context. On the other hand, from a techno-evolutionary point of view, making predictions is even more useless. Technological evolution follows paths that we cannot even imagine today. In 1922 nobody would have ever imagined the advent of the Internet, social media and decentralized culture (just to mention a few!). Any attempt to guess what path technology will take in 100 years' time, therefore, remains a bet devoid of arguments, good for playing with the imagination. Who knows what will happen in 100 years? Will Bitcoin still be used and will it have reached mass adoption? Will fiat currencies still exist? Will our grandchildren go to school in the metaverse? Will Shiba inu surpass Bitcoin in capitalization? Will Dogecoin finally be proclaimed the people's currency? To posterity the tough sentence!