Token Party

The Crypto Enthusiasts Community!

We spread the Culture of Decentralization and Tokenomics in a simple and inclusive way, to make the key concepts of the Blockchain-based Technology Revolution accessible to all.

Sharing Knowledge and Awareness, this is our belief!

News Mission


Build a Digital Hub, an Open Space for meeting, exchange and sharing.

Who are the Crypto Enthusiasts?

They are Artists, Professionals, Gamers and Entrepreneurs who want to shake society from the ground. They are the dreamers of the Italian Crypto Valley. Passionate visionaries who feed the lucid madness of changing the World. Changing the paradigm through Disruptive Technologies.

Cultivating and spreading the Culture of Decentralization and Tokenomics, key concepts that ride the wave of the Technological Revolution animated by the Blockchain.

Let the party begin!

Team and skills

We can teach you everything you need to know about NFTs, Crypto, Blockchain, DeFi and Multiverses.

We can help you build your own Blockchain project.

Matteo Malatini
Communication and Digital Strategist
Gabriele Munarini
Neuroscientist - Blockchain and DeFi
Luigi Cordisco
Digital Communication - Crypto Investor
Massimiliano Emili
Audio and Video Technician - Music and NFTs
Alessandro Adami
Radio-TV Communication - Crypto Investor
Giovanni Demaio
Fullstack Developer